Food Truck Ordinance (updated 3/4/20)
Food Truck Ordinance (updated 3/4/20)
Posted on 03/04/2020
Person putting food into a containerDuring today’s city council meeting, council reviewed for the second time the revised food truck ordinance. The focus of this session was geared toward refining and defining some of the suggested changes to the ordinance which include:

• Look to remove the limit of food trucks within the City and require only the location be permitted by City Council
• Developing an approval process for food truck parks with appropriate locational and performance standards.
• Providing mitigation strategies and protections for residentially zoned and residentially used areas.
• Requiring locations to acquire food truck permits, as opposed to each individual food truck.
• Determining the appropriate parking accommodations for food truck parks.

The updated ordinance was reviewed by the LPA at their February 20th session and has been deemed to be consistent with the Bonita Springs Comprehensive Plan. Taking the LPA comments and revisions into consideration, Council has decided to table and revisit the possible adoption of the revised food truck ordinance until the April 1st council meeting.