Adopt a Road

Adopt A Road SignAdopt-A-Road Program Guidelines:

  •  A road or portion of road to be adopted is required to be a minimum of 1/2 mile in length.
  • Any road to be adopted must be a City-maintained road, not a private road.
  • The road must be classified as either an arterial or a collector road. Local residential roads are excluded from adoption.
  •  A minimum of six cleanups per volunteer group must be performed annually from January 1 - December 31.
  • For new groups, the time frame for tracking six cleanups annually is prorated from the date the group was notified for acceptance for the first year and then annually from January 1 – December 31 thereafter.
  •  Prior to participation, litter pickup volunteers must sign a waiver to be maintained by the City.
  •  Litter pick-up volunteers may work anytime, sunrise to sunset, and seven days a week.
  •  Litter pickup volunteers must be older than age 13.

Adopters' Responsibilities:

  • Contact person, or alternate, shall contact City of Bonita Springs, Neighborhood Services Dept. between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 949-6257 and provide the following information prior to any clean-up:  
  • The date, time and duration of scheduled clean-up. City should be given at least 24 hours advance notice.
  •  The number of planned participants attending the clean-up.   
  • The time and location for trash pick-up upon conclusion of the clean-up by City Parks and Recreation.
  •  Filled bags should be stacked together at the Adopt-A-Road signs at conclusion of clean-up. If this is not possible, the City’s should be informed.
  • All participants shall wear brightly colored clothing at all times while working on City right-of-way. Additionally, participants shall employ safety practices in performing their work, using common sense and being safety conscious at all times.  
  • Participants may be parked on City right-of-way, well away from the roadway, or approved parking areas if permission is obtained from property owner by group contact person.
  •  A list of all participants’ names and mailing addresses shall be submitted on each Productivity Form. Productivity Forms are required to be turned in after each road clean up.
  • Contact person shall advise the City in the event the adoption group disbands.


  • Upon City approval of Adopt-A-Road applicant, City will erect a sign at each end of the portion of the roadway adopted, indicating the name of the group providing the services.
  •  Prior to scheduling a cleanup, contact person will notify City of Bonita Springs, Neighborhood Services Department 239-949-6257 of the date and time of cleanup. Contact person will turn in all Hold Harmless and Waivers of each participant, and pick-up garbage bags between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday at City of Bonita Springs, Neighborhood Services      
  •  City reserves the right to clean the adopted road right-of-way if a litter truck is in the area. However, primary responsibility for clean-up rests with the designated adopter group.
  •  In accordance with scheduled end of clean-up, City personnel will remove all bags from the stated location.
  • If no clean-up has taken place in a six month interval or the group fails to adhere to safety requirements, including submitting ahead of time the Hold Harmless and Waivers of each  participant,
  • City reserves the right to assume the adopter group has disbanded, and City personnel will remove the Adopt-A-Road signs.


All volunteers in the Adopt-A-Road program are required to observe and employ rules of safety when working on the right-of-way where vehicles or traffic may be present. It shall be the undersigned authorized representative's responsibility to inform all volunteers of City of Bonita Springs safety regulations while working within the rights-of-way and all volunteers shall wear brightly colored clothing at all times and such other safety apparel that they think is necessary to perform the clean-up while working in the City rights-of-ways.
It is the sole responsibility of the adopters' authorized representative to inform all volunteers in the Adopt-A-Road program of the regulations of Bonita Springs with regard to this program, and make sure that they each sign the waiver form. All volunteers are to park their vehicles in a safe place to avoid damage while participating in this program.