About Storm Debris
Storm Debris
Posted on 11/07/2022
Debris Map

About Storm Debris

Storm debris is collected separately from household garbage. Storm debris assessment is already underway throughout the city. The map below will be updated regularly to show residents the debris pick up progress

Click Here to view guidelines so that work crews can quickly and efficiently remove storm debris from your property.
• Most Important – Please set storm debris at the curb away from your normal household trash and recycling; it will be collected and documented separately.
• Place storm debris at the curb in three separate piles: garbage, yard waste and building debris. Federal Emergency Management Agency rules require documentation of the volume and type of debris collected to reimburse the county for storm cleanup.
• Garbage must be placed in a 40-gallon can or heavy mil plastic bag each weighing no more than 50 pounds. If you have a larger county-provided container for automated garbage collection, you may use that as well.
• Yard waste does not need to be bundled after the storm. Place it in piles that can easily be managed by collection personnel with a claw truck.
• To expedite collection, do not place anything beneath low-hanging obstacles like trees or power lines or near things like fire hydrants or mailboxes.
• Food must be removed from any appliance set at the curb. Inedible food should be placed with the garbage.

For private or gated communities-

FEMA regulations require that private or gated communities have a current Right of Entry and Indemnification form on file with the City of Bonita Springs before any disaster debris recovery crews are allowed to enter the community. 
Click here to download the form, then email the form to public works- [email protected].

If you are unsure if your community has a current Right of Entry form on file, please have your community association manager or home-owner association president email public works- [email protected] .

Storm recovery status is updated on the city website 
www.cityofbonitasprings.org. Regular updates can also be found at the City of Bonita Springs Facebook page.

Questions, please visit our 
Hurricane Ian page